Ceremonial Cacao Paste – Masaja

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Quality cocoa Trinitario – Masaja

Ingredients: cocoa mass made from Trinitarium beans. 100% cocoa

Trinitarian cocoa beans account for only 10% of all cocoa grown in the world.

Country of origin: Nicaragua.

Aroma: light, roasted nuts with fruits.
Taste: At first you can feel the aftertaste of chocolate cake, cream, later the taste turns to nutty and ground.
Cocoa Masaja is recommended for those who do not like acidity and are looking for an special taste.

Suitable for use in cocoa ceremonies. Vegan. Gluten free. Without added sugar. Ethical and sustainable cultivation.

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Cacao for the Mind. Cocoa can improve mental functions and it is recommended to drink before concentration-intensive work.Cocoa for the body. Cocoa can improve the overall function of the body. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Cocoa for the soul. Cocoa is a great helper on the spiritual path. Used responsibly and with good intentions, it can help to "open" the heart, feel inner intuition. Cocoa can also unleash our creativity, strengthen our imagination. Finally, cocoa teaches us cosmic balance and how to begin living according to the laws of the Universe. Usage: For a 250 ml cup: 5 g for light toning; 10 g for a delicious children's drink; 30 g for daily use, coffee substitute, before sports, mental work, etc .; 50 g for strong concentration, meditation, psychological practices.