Frequently Asked Questions About Cacao


How do I pay for products?

Everything is made through the PaySera payment system. Gyvakakava.lt does not see or accumulate any details of the payer’s bank.

Do we deliver products to the EU?

Yes, we deliver. However, not to all countries in the EU, so read the delivery information when buying.

What to do if you fail to make a successful purchase in the store?

In case of any problems, always write us by email info@gyvakakava.lt


What is the best way to store cocoa?

It is the best way to store cacao paste in a closed package or container in a cool place. It helps to keep the aroma of cacao and freshness

How much cocoa can I consume?

Always start with a medium or low dose of 10-20 grams, then monitor your well-being. The average daily amount is 30 g per day or per cup. The ceremonial dose (for spiritual practitioners) is 50 g.

Where does your cocoa come from?

Our cocoa comes from a small cocoa farm located in El Salvador, Central America. The farmer’s family supplies cocoa directly. This makes the supply chain short, so we can offer good prices. And at the same time, everyone in the supply chain receives a fair reward.
Also we have cacao from Bali (Indonesia). It is also from very short supply chain.

Is it powder here or is there cocoa butter?

Our cocoa paste is made of cocoa beans by grinding them, nothing more is added. It naturally contains 50% of butter and 50% of cocoa fiber. Meanwhile, cocoa powder is extracted from cocoa paste. To enjoy a real cocoa drink, we advise you to make it from cocoa paste.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding woman drink cocoa?

Yes, she can. We recommend starting with a small amount (5 or 10 g per cup of cocoa). Pregnant and breastfeeding women can feel for themselves what their bodies need better than anyone else.

Is it possible to drink cocoa before sports?

Yes, it it. Up to 30 g of cocoa per cup, 30 minutes before sports. Cocoa can provide motivation to exercise.

Can children drink cocoa?

Yes, they can. Up to 10 g per large amount of water or vegetable milk. We advise to get used to the gourmet taste slowly, add vanilla and other spices.

Can gyvakakava.lt cocoa be given to pets?

Attention, do not give cocoa drink to pets under any circumstances.

With which product can cocoa be combined?

It can be combined with fruits, nuts, spices and other plant foods. It is recommended not to dilute cocoa with cow’s and soy milk, because the can block the absorption of cocoa substances.

What is ceremonial cocoa?

All species (Crollio, Trinitario) of cocoa can be used for cocoa ceremonies. However, we pay special attention to ethically grown cocoa, promoting a transparent market where growers receive fair wages. This is important to us later offering cocoa as part of rituals. Ceremonial cocoa has a strong “energetic effect”. There are no objective properties or characteristics to measure such effects, one can simply feel whether the cocoa is energetic or not. Everyone is different and feelings can be different.