About Ceremonial Cacao

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Why choose ceremonial cocoa?

Our Cocoa can be used for cocoa ceremonies. We pay special attention to ethically grown cocoa, promoting a transparent market where growers receive fair wages. This is important to use such cocao as part of your rituals.

Our cacao paste is made from organic cacao beans, there is nothing added – this is pure 100% ceremonial Cacao.

Heart opening

Cocoa can help in the spiritual path. With good intentions, cocoa can help to  open the heart, feel inner intuition. 

Connection with your higher self

Cacao can help to feel mental clarity, improve visualisations and reach the higher self.

Deepens meditation

Cocoa can contribute to relaxation and emotional balance.

How to prepare?

Crush the cocoa

Cut the cocoa mass as finely as possible without leaving large pieces.

Fill with water

Pour in a little chilled but not boiling water.

Shake Well

Shaking is important for all the cocoa pieces to dissolve completely. We recommend whipping with an electric blender, or just a shaker (hand or electric appliance).


We suggest experimenting with different flavors and using your favorite spices in combination with each other (vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, some cayenne pepper). Add your favorite sweetener. It is recommended to add a slice of non-dairy milk: oatmeal, almonds, coconut milk, etc.

About Us

Let’s meet. We are behind the scented cups of coca. Later, after tasting more than one species, we looked for that most aromatic and best-performing product.